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Ladies and gentlemen!


I have the honor to welcome you to the official website of akimat Aksu. Aksu - Pearl Pavlodar region - young, fast-growing city of our time on the picturesque bank of the Irtysh River. In the year of the 20th anniversary of our independence, the city celebrates its 50th anniversary.

We will try to electronic pages to post material on our city and its rural area that are of interest and the users need Internet network - Kazakhstan citizens and residents of other countries.

Aksu is growing rapidly and its achievements and successes is well known outside of Kazakhstan.

The city is recognized as a major industrial center of Kazakhstan, as in its territory are two city-industrial enterprises: Aksu Ferroalloy Plant Branch of JSC "TNK" Kazchrome "and JSC" Eurasian Energy Corporation ".
With such industrial giants and the country's economic and industrial development planned, our beloved city of Aksu is an example of a clean and environmentally thriving city of independent Kazakhstan. Located on the bank of the Irtysh - the main artery of the country's water-supply, the city - a unique symbol of unity of Nature and Man, pleases the heart of the townspeople and visitors alike!

Qualitative utilities and other services to the population, sustainable development of small and medium business, agriculture allows for the safe and comfort of citizens and residents of rural areas.

Thanks to sustained socio-economic development of Kazakhstan, in the city are improving neighborhoods and villages, asphalted roads, commissioning of new homes, schools, kindergartens, cultural centers, public catering and recreation.

We are actively working to make our city and its rural area became the leading and competitive region prosperous Kazakhstan and successfully implementing a planned strategy "Kazakhstan-2030", government programs, and the message of the President.

Please accept the best wishes of peace, happiness and prosperity!


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